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Morocco Imperial Cities

Take a step towards a journey of discovery through the magnificent Moroccan imperial capitals. Get to know the beauty and

Morocco's In-Depth

Allow yourself to get lost into the magic of the Morocco Sahara Desert shadows. With nothing but a free mind

Morocco Jewish Heritage

Be part of some of the most widely visited sites in the kingdom. Between the ancient history, diverse culture and

A Taste Of Morocco

Explore a labyrinth of endless arrays and shades of blue. If you’re looking for something as close to a mythical

About us

This is our family business with our own and unique transportation network we are Oussaden Tours, an international networked Moroccan Tour Operator based in New York City and Fez Morocco (Scenic Voyage). Thanks to a solid experience and old practice in the tourism field, we treat our clients with all hospitality and deep care.


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New Year Celebration

The dawn of the new year as bright as the lights of

Fez Festival Tours

Treat yourself to one of the most mythical festivals of world sacred

Marrakech Express

Let the beauty of Marrakech charm you. If you happen to be