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We are Oussaden Tours and Travels, an international networked Moroccan Tour Operator based in New York, thanks to our solid experience and old practice in the tourism field, we treat our clients with all hospitality and deep care.

We are aware of the needs of the clients, we have been offering customized itineraries and services for more than 10 years.

We are devoted to giving you the best deal we can offer. We organize group or individual packages, coach or luxury. A private car with English speaking driver will be provided.


The road to Europe starts in Morocco via Royal Air Maroc full bodied Boeing 767. we also provide transportation to many other destinations. Our quotations are the most competitive in the market. If you have questions about prices, reservations or would like further information we would be more than happy to assist you any way we can.

What better way to see Morocco than through the eyes of a Moroccan? Oussaden Tours is based in Morocco with representative office in New York City. As a family owned and operated company, we can guarantee you not only the best in quality, service and price, but also the best in personal attention-we do not rely on strangers to handle our guests.

Whether you want to travel with group or on your own with private car/guide we can do it all for you and at the best available prices. A leisurely golfing or beach side vacation or a historical sightseeing experience.

Oussaden Tour will make it come true for you. Come and benefit from our best prices for groups and F.I.Ts

Oussaden Tours Welcomes you to Morocco

Morocco is an exciting country of contrast. Come for the sun or come for 
its history. You will find it all right here.
 Located on the northern most part of the African continent, Morocco is bordered by the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara Desert. Its superb location gives it the ability to boast over 300 days of sunshine warm and balmy summers and mild winters where a light cover up might suffice, that is, unless you are traveling into the mountains.

This is one of the few destinations left in the world where you can still  find many of the oldest lifestyle customs and traditions intermingling with the new - From the Kasbahs to Discos.

The choice is yours. You can just relax on the luxurious beaches, tour the entire country and feel the history of Morocco in fifteen days, trek through the mountains still filled with ancient villages or golf on the modern and plush gold courses.




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